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BIRO Smartpen

Biro is the logitech-solution for creative minds to boundlessly store, share and edit all their great imaginations. Notes as well as sketches are instantly being transferred from any kind of surface into your devices.

Digitalise everything without the use of special paper types, expensive tracing notebooks or unwieldy visual tracking tools. Simply attach the pen cap to the surface you are about to work with. Operating as a reference point the cap communicates with the pen. Highly sensitive gyrosensors measure the movement and position of the pen tip absolutely accurate.

Furthermore the exerting pressure on the tip is recorded and translated into different widths

of lines to create an as good as real appearance.

Once connected to your mobile phone, the pen automatically saves images or text files on your BIRO smartphone application which offers numerous organization possibilities. Add your favourite applications to the sharing platform and send your files around the planet. There is not only the possibility of sending existing files but also creating new ones right in the act of sharing.

With your sketches stored on all your devices you can instantly edit them without scanning or taking pictures and creating a data chaos.

The BIRO system brings tidiness in your sketching and leaves you with various possibilities to organize it.

Scribble the future!

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